What Kind of Carnivore Are you ?

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Would You Consider yourself a pit master or a beginner

I don't know my way around the kitchen
I cook the basics
I'm neither a begineer nor
I can follow a recipe very closely
I'm a Pit Master, I can roast a whole lamb

What's your preferred cooking method / busy lifestyle

Roast / Slow Cooker [Set it and forget it]
Sous Vide requires a souvide machine set time and temp
Stove top / Frying pan [more involved with ingredients ]
Grill [need to know what you're doing ]
Smoke [ Special cuts, equipment and cooking times ]

How do you describe your Carnivore consumption

I eat meat less than twice a week
Three to five times a week
At least once a day
Multiple meals a day
Most of my meals contain meat of some sort

How Many servings do you cook at a time

I cook less than 2 servings at a time
I cook 3 -4 servings at a time
I cook 4 -6 servings at a time
I cook for the whole week for a family < 5
We have a feast every day

What is your animal protien of choice

Poultry - Chicken / Turkey
Beef , Steaks/ Ground/ Roast
Lamb and Goat
Game meat (Duck / Squab / Venesion )
All of the Above

What catches your attention in a restaurant menu

Burgers and Sandwitches
Lamb Chops baby
Rotisserie Chicken
Mixed Grill all the way
I'm a Beef Steaks Person

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